About Us

Darko, Keli-Delataa & Co.

Darko Keli-Delataa & Co. offers commercially-focused advice, coupled with reliable and responsive advocacy service, to diverse clients throughout Ghana and abroad. Corporate institutions, individuals and state agencies share in our goal of leveraging the law to deliver satisfying commercial outcomes and solutions for clients.


Darko Keli-Delataa & Co.

We offer legal advice and representation in corporate and investment law, property, taxation, oil and gas, securities and constitutional law.

Our approach is to focus on your legal problem but, also, to build relationships that transcend the immediacy of your needs. It is this transcendental view of the lawyer –client relationship that drives us to protect our clients’ interest with zeal.


Our Firm and work ethics are defined by the following values


Professional Excellence

We exhibit an extensive knowledge of the legal system and get the best teams to work on cases.



To get the best results, we work closely with our clients to formulate ideas and plans for our cases.

Why we are different from the rest.

Darko Keli-Delataa & Co. aspires to be the best in whatever they do. We are fully committed to providing the best services possible in terms of how we treat our customers, conduct legal work, run and manage the company, and serve the community.

Darko Keli-Delataa & Co. recognizes that there are numerous options available; yet, it stands apart from the crowd. You are not just a client when you hire Darko Keli-Delataa & Co.; you are welcomed into their family and treated with respect, dignity, and care.



We follow through on our committments, honour our agreements and stick to our codes of ethics.



We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a respectful atmosphere. Diversity and differing viewpoints are valued by us.



To improve efficiencies for our clients, we develop and adopt new technologies and ideas.



We devote time, effort, and resources to exceeding our clients’ expectations, and we hold ourselves to our core values at all times.

Why Choose Us


Competent legal support across Corporate & Commercial law, advocacy / litigation, & property law with specialized expertise across dozens of areas

In-depth Knowledge

In-depth advice on law and legal processes — from investments, oil and gas, taxation, property, corporate law and compliance, and more


We provide an unwavering commitment to help you maximize your legal spends by delivering exceptional service, value and results.