Mergers & Acquisitions

Darko, Keli-Delataa & Company serves a diverse range of clients before and during their business transactions. Our objective is to achieve timely and cost-effective representation that anticipates and addresses problems early in the legal process.

mergers & acquisitions

Our Mergers & Acquisitions Services Include:

Seeking angel and venture capital for share transaction or investment

Legal due diligence pre- and post-transaction against the business partners

Negotiation on behalf of the clients on acquisition projects of target companies

Drafting or reviewing pre-contractual documents (letter of intent, bids, non-solicitation, non-disclosure agreements, etc.)

Drafting or reviewing sale and purchase agreements

Drafting or reviewing distribution agreements

Drafting or reviewing import/export agreements

Drafting or reviewing processing agreements

Making tax arrangement for cost controlling

Structuring international and local financing of China-related projects / reorganization / restructuring

Rendering legal proposals for settling trade disputes

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